See the Sea

Wow, it’s been awhile since my last post. Well over a year. But it looks like my writing is back in full swing and with that my downtime, enough to continue to review a bunch of films. I like it this way. The film I will begin my new movie odyssey with is a 1997 French suspense called See the Sea. It is available on Netflix streaming and is only about an hour long. Filmmaker François Ozon, at this point known for his interests in sex and suspense, truly delivers on those fronts with this one.

The film begins with the portrait of a beautiful mother, played by Sasha Hails, and her newborn daughter at the beach. Hails is a British actress most recently known for her work in Casualty, a BBC sitcom. I don’t know much about it. In See the Sea however she plays a lonely young mother waiting for her husband to return from a business venture. She is approached by a strange, emotionless backpacker who asks if she could pitch a tent on their property for a few days. And she abides.

I kinda don’t want to ruin the shock value of this film for anyone. Like when the backpacker uses the shower in the mother’s house and what happens in there. The young mother is sexually frustrated and is portrayed in two unusual sexual acts at different points in the film, one masturbatory and one adulterous. The tension is alive! The conversation over dinner between the backpacker (Marina de Van) and the mother about childbirth is also creepy and tense.

I refuse to ruin the sick ending of this film just know that it all sort of makes sense. I noticed Rotten Tomatoes gives the film a 100 percent rating, which isn’t usual so I know I’m not alone when I say this movie sort of rocks. I particularly like the scene where the backpacker is strolling through the raw meat isle at the local grocery store and the contrasts that conjures up. I’m back!


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